Sweet Southern Bad Boy

- Excerpt -

December 2016

Sourcebooks Casablanca

ISBN: 978-1402293610

Vance stood on the front porch with hands splayed on his hips, glaring at his front lawn. Various cars and trucks had parked in his driveway with people from town spilling out. By the looks of their “costumes,” he had a sneaky suspicion why they were here.


Exactly what he hadn’t wanted to happen. Exactly why he should’ve placed Katie’s perfect ass in her Mercedes and on the road back to the land of grapefruit and avocados. The peace and quiet he craved had disappeared faster than beer at a frat party as the misinformed citizens of Harmony crowded his front lawn.

The Harmony Huggers piled out of a light blue minivan, wearing ridiculous straw hats tied under their necks and matching Hawaiian shirts with goofy lipstick-smiles plastered across their wrinkled faces. They played the banjo and guitar, and their leader, Irene Appleton, played the accordion. Yep. Accordion. Overall consensus: more painful to watch than hear.

“Shit.” Vance released a tortured groan. He had more important things to do than watch the town of Harmony roll all over his property and break out into song. Dammit. He had important things to do, like finish his next scene or his bottle of bourbon…or wrap his fingers around a certain California fruitcake’s neck.


He spun around and yelled, “Katie—” Danny came running out the front door, chasing Lollipop, and beautiful, tempting Katie, with wide eyes and creased brow, followed on her heels.


She froze at the festival of people destroying his ground cover with their folding chairs and coolers. Before the day was over, they’d be roasting a pig and grilling burgers.


“What’s going on?” Her gaze darted around the yard. “Are you having a party?” she asked, blinking serious brown eyes at him.


“Me?” Fiery anger pierced his chest like a hot poker. “Oh no. I’m not the attraction here, sweet cheeks. That would be you and your Hollywood movie crew, which is nowhere in sight, but that won’t stop the fine citizens of Harmony from setting up camp,” he ground out between clenched teeth. Wise Katie backed up a few steps from the rage she must’ve witnessed building on his face.


“But…they’re…we…” She gestured loosely.


“Uh-huh. There are no words.” Vance took a threatening step toward Katie, who had managed to create more havoc in his life in the last three days than Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and Velma had in three weeks. “I knew this would happen. I don’t need this shit right now. Got any great Hollyweird ideas on how to get rid of the town rubberneckers and performers?” Katie’s pretty mouth worked, but no sounds came out. And as angry as he was, he still couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her silly. “Something wrong with your eyebrow?” he asked, examining her more closely.


She slapped a hand over half her face, covering her twitching brow. “No. Everything’s fine—”

“Hey there, Vance. Brought the girls with me today. Don’t want to miss the show.” Mrs. Cornwaddle waved as she rocked across his lawn with her walker, smashing his green-and-white hostas along the way.

Harmony Homecomings Series

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